Sophie ROUMANS (1990) is a Dutch fashion designer and art gallery owner. She graduated in 2017 as a fashion designer at the school of the arts in Utrecht. Sophie reflects on the contemporary culture in her work. This vision is translated into the sustainable menswear label, ROUMANS, which was founded in early 2018. She works with the ROUMANS team from her studio located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

At ROUMANS we work as a collective. We invite artists of other disciplines to co-create, in this way we enrich ourselves and our collections with new expertises and craftmanship. 

This approach started in early 2019 when Eli Walter enriched the team as an artist and silversmith. Together with Sophie the RUINS accessories line came into existence. 

At the start of 2020 Tamara Verbruggen played an important role in textile design for the RUINS collection. She enriches ROUMANS with her love for craftsmanship and traditional techniques. 


ROUMANS is a sustainable fashion label for contemporary menswear. The label finds its origin and current residence in Nijmegen, in the Netherlands. Sustainability is fundamental in each collection. The garments are made out of organic, certified materials and textile leftovers.


The work is characterized by a meaningful negation of the traditional and often oppressive interpretation of the concepts in femininity and masculinity. This results in a ‘for the future hopeful’ image of man, accompanied in a characteristic timeless aesthetic of the contemporary.

ROUMANS contributes to improving the current fashion industry, by researching and applying sustainable developments in fashion.  

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